“I like how professional and kind she was. She guided me through my poses and reminded me to be mindful about my clothing. She was very consistent in her directions and kept a comfortable environment.”

“She was super great to work with. She made me feel comfortable and confident when I modeled for her. Her creativity really shows through her photography and her photos and ideas are so diverse!”

“I really enjoyed her energy while taking the pictures. I felt confident, or should I say she made me feel confident. I love the editing and perspective.”

“She made me feel comfortable exploring different poses and ideas. Her constant feedback and praises encouraged me to be confident in front of the camera!”

“Shooting with Pearl was everything a photoshoot should be and more. She gives you tips when needed and is the best hype woman at the same time. Shooting was a breeze and it shows in the final product. She lets you choose which photos to edit and gets the finished ones back to you in such a short turnaround time. One of my favorite photographers!”

“My experience with Pearl was amazing. She knows exactly how to take a very detailed photo and is very precise on the right angle. During the photo shoot, she gave me the best advice on how to pose and was very patient with the process. I would highly recommend her for any next photo shoot anyone might have.”